France, Poland and Ger

eled tangible and intangible heritage for the future generations."Piccirillo applauded the Athletes' Village and sports facilities built for the Games. "Athletes' Village represents the effectiveness of the city government's effort to balance between urb

an development and environmental protect

many lined up from f

ourth to sixth place

ion," said he. "The multiple sports venues built in line with highest standards in the world can serve any future international sports event that Wuhan may step up to host."It's the first time all competitions for th

s, all clinching 1

0 plus golds.Herve

e Games had been staged in a single city. The size of the host city, as well as its diversified terrain and abundant water r■esources, made it possible in Wuhan, where 35 sports venues were built or renovate

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    and presented the most sports in history. Nearly 10,000 soldiers from 109 nat

    ions have competed for 329 gold medals in events from athletics, football, swimming, and basketball to parachuting, lifesaving, aeronautic

    al and naval pentathlons.It's the first

  • titions

    time the Games are open to the public, instead of being confined to barracks.

    Over 600,000 tickets had been s◆old, according to the Games executive committee, with men's basketball, women's volleyball, swimming and

    diving in highest demand.The Games will

and develop new practices in the

also leave Wuhan with huge benefits to infrastructure improvements, new subway l

ines, and environmental upgrades. Over the past three years, the city renovated 1,300 kilometers of its urban roads and saw its metro network reach 330 kilometers in total length. Meanwhile, a total of 360,000 trees were planted.First held in 1995 in Rome, the Military World Games are

a multi-sports event for military personnel organized by the CISM. Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow

us on WechatIn another sign of progress in the trade talks between China and the United States, in talks held by phone this week, the chief trade neg

future," said Piccirillo in

  • otiators agreed to appropriately address each other's core con

    cerns, and that the technical consultations on the text of parts of the agreement have basically been completed. It is another step towards finalizing a trade d

  • eal based on the consensus reached when the negotiators met in

    Washington two weeks ago.Respect for differences the key to reaching China-U.S. trade dealRespect for differences the key to reaching China-U.S. trade deal10-2

  • 8-2019 09:58 BJTWhether and how they can properly address the

    other side's core concerns based on equality and mutual respect is the key to keeping things moving forward. China has been working to meet American demands in

  • areas such as agricultural imports and supervision on fentanyl

    products. Meanwhile, China is asking for the cancellation of all punitive tariffs, a preliminary figure for purchases of goods from the United States that is i

  • n line with China's actual needs, and for the text of the agre

    ement to be balanced. Both sides have identified their concerns and shown a willingness to clear the obstacles in the way of reaching a final agreement.I〓t is

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